An exquisite rug adds charm and colour to your room while serving a functional purpose.  But what do you do when it gets dirty with age?  Dirty and old rugs tend to shrink, develop discolouration from mildew and emit a foul odour.  Don’t take the risk of messing with it and making the problem worse.   Get the professionals to clean it.

Our expertise in cleaning carpets extends to cleaning area rugs.  We have rug cleaning specialists who would be glad to help you with your rug problem.  From the simplest to the most premium rugs, we handle them with the same care and attention we give your carpets.

Some of the different rug styles are Oriental, Persian, Turkish, handmade and shag.   The most common rug materials are cotton, synthetic fibres, wool, sisal and silk.  Our experts will identify the rug’s style and material and then choose the best cleaning technique.  For more efficient cleaning, we bring the more delicate and also the more soiled rugs to our advanced rug cleaning factory.

No rug is too big, too small, too delicate or too tough for us.  We make sure your cherished rugs emerge from our cleaning process looking fresh and smelling clean.  The life of your rugs will be prolonged and their beauty preserved.

Here’s a look at our high quality rug cleaning services:

  • Pre-Inspection and Recommendations
  • Vacuuming
  • Thorough shake to loosen dirt and 2nd vacuum
  • Full Submersion in Rug Wash pit
  • Ph neutralised
  • Extraction
  • Rug is groomed and nap set
  • Express Dried