A simple room can be transformed by beautiful curtains. Since you can keep changing your curtains, you can also change your room’s theme and update its design.  You can make your room look sunny, elegant or fun, depending on your mood.  If you want to be able to reuse your curtains for more years, you also need to care for them and clean them regularly.



Here’s a guide to the basics of cleaning your curtains:

  1. Light Cleaning Every Week.

For heavier curtains and drapes, gently run a vacuum over the curtains as they hang.  Use a soft brush attachment and the lowest setting.  For lighter curtains and especially delicate fabrics, don’t use a vacuum.  Just shake the curtains to dislodge any dirt and dust.

  1. When should you wash curtains?

Wash them every 5 months, sooner if the room easily gets dusty.  Check the manufacturer’s instructions if the curtain is machine washable.  If you’re not sure, generally, you can machine wash sturdier curtains on a gentle setting but it’s better to hand wash delicate fabrics.  Be sure to remove any hooks, rings and any other hardware.  If you’re going to machine wash, use cool water with a little laundry detergent and don’t overload the washing machine.  Don’t miss to pre-test the detergent on a small area of the curtain first.

  1. Drying and ironing the curtains.

Line drying curtains is recommended.  If you’re going to use the dryer after you machine washed the curtains, use the lowest setting possible.  Take out the curtains from the dryer or remove from the line when they are almost but not completely dry.  This is to avoid the setting of wrinkles and it makes ironing easier.  You don’t need to iron all your curtains, but if you do, lightly iron them on the reverse side.  Return the hardware and then hang.

  1. Effects of Sunlight.

Over time, sunlight can weaken the curtain’s fabrics and cause them to fade and tear.  Protect your curtains by treating your windows, or putting up shades or blinds.

For more heavily soiled curtains, get professional cleaners to inspect your curtains and determine the best cleaning method for the fabric.  Your washing machine might not be up to the task of handling heavier curtains and drapes.

These easy tips will help you care for and maintain your curtains and drapes.  Treat them well and they’ll grace your windows for longer.