Oriental rugs are hand-knotted and made by traditional carpet weavers from Asia.  Some of the most popular Oriental rugs are Persian, Turkish and Chinese.  These rugs are of top quality, made of natural materials, durable, with a long life span and they do not fade.  Collectors also choose them for their artistic designs.  All these features make these types of rugs highly prized and costly.  So when you invest in a rug like these, you would naturally need to give it attention and handle it with care.

Oriental Rugs

Here’s what you can do to care for your precious Oriental rugs.

  1. Precisely follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for the rug.
  2. Frequently vacuum the rug. Go over the entire surface, the back, and the floor beneath it.  Use a low setting so that the rug won’t be unnecessarily pulled and the fringes won’t get caught.
  3. To ensure that all grime and dust are removed, you can bring the rug outdoors and shake off the dirt.
  4. Avoid using commercial cleaning solutions and chemicals, especially strong ones.
  5. Get professional cleaners to regularly give your rug a deep clean, preferably using a steam cleaning method.
  6. Although these rugs do not fade easily, continual exposure to strong sunlight can weaken the quality and colour of your rug over time. Keep them away from direct sunlight or use coverings on your windows like drapes or blinds.
  7. The rug will eventually show some wear so turn your rug every few months to make the wear patterns equal on all sides.
  8. Straighten out folds, curls or ripples as these can cause premature wear.
  9. Rug pads or cushions are recommended to protect the rug from the floor. They also make the rug feel more comfortable and help prevent the rug from slipping and sliding.
  10. When storing the rug, wrap it with protective plastic, keep it in a clean, dry area and away from the floor.
  11. Treating stains for Oriental rugs is similar to stain removal for ordinary rugs.  Any method you use to remove stains depends on the type of stain.  Pre-test the cleaning solution first on an inconspicuous area of the rug.  If you want to avoid risking your rug, it would be better to consult professional cleaners immediately after accidents or spills.

Though Oriental rugs are known to be fairly easy to clean, just like any other item, they can still suffer from wear and tear and damage.  Faithfully follow these tips and your beautiful rug will stand the test of time.