carpet cleaning mistakes

1. Store-bought stain treatments

We have all been there, spilt a drink or a spot of nail polish onto the carpet. We have all thought it would be cheaper to pop down the shops to grab the stain remover that you spray on and vacuum off. It’s got to be easy, right? Wrong.

Most people don’t read the instructions and just get up close, spray and hope for the best. The product remains in the carpet, not all of it is extracted out during the vacuuming process, so the issue remains hidden until a professional clean is done.

When the product is extracted out, discoloured lightened almost bleached spots are left. But this is not from the professional carpet clean, this damage is generally a by-product of the store-bought stuff you went and sprayed on and hoped for the best.

What happens is when a carpet cleaner comes along, he is simply extracting what was left behind, leaving you now with a repair or replacement job and a much higher cost than calling in a professional in the first instance.

2. DIY carpet cleaning machines

You’ve seen them in the shopping centres, you hire a machine, you buy the cleaning chemicals and you go on your merry way. You need to keep in mind that these machines have far less suction to extract the water that you put into your carpets. Many people think that by letting the water run as they go over and over and over and over a dirty area of carpet that they are getting a good result. In fact, one of the major causes of damage to a carpet is from over-wetting it.

Over-wet carpet can delaminate and grow mould, and will need re-cleaning. What happens is that water evaporates (dries) in an upward motion, lifting dirt particles from the base of the carpet as it dries, and coating the carpet fibres, sometimes leaving what looked like clean carpet to worse than what it was before you began.

Now you are left with no option than to hire a professional to fix it, which sometimes could be more than what the original price would have been had you booked them in to start with.

3. Using an inexperienced operator

Cheapest is not always the best, but sometimes you’ll find a rare gem that is. It is when you mix carpet cleaning with inexperience that is the problem.

An inexperienced operator can over-wet or chemically burn your carpet, damaging it or leaving it requiring a re-clean. They may not use the right chemicals or detergents or worse still, use NONE.

A professional carpet cleaner invests a lot of money and time into training himself / herself and buys good chemicals, detergents and equipment, but how do you tell?

Well, that’s the easy part. There are several ways:

a) Go to or to Not all experienced operators can be found here but it’s a good start.

b) When the cleaner arrives, request to see his IICRC accreditation. It looks kind of like a license and will have their name and photo on it.

If you try to save money by going for the cheapest and not check their experience and training, you may need to get someone experienced in to fix the problem left behind. This may cost more money in the long run and if damage was caused by this inexperienced person then carpets or upholstery may need replacing.

So it definitely pays to check credentials and sometimes paying a little more can save you time and a lot more money in the long run.

4. Waiting too Long to Clean Your Carpets

It is recommended to get our carpets cleaned every 6-12 months and that varies depending on how many people and pets live in your home. However we tend to leave it until the carpets look filthy, or there is a spill, or we move house and need to get our bond back.

Having your carpets cleaned can actually save you money long term so cleaning them is a good investment.

Cleaning your carpets gets all the grit out of the base of the fibre which when walked on acts like sand paper, slowly rubbing away, affecting its structural integrity. Leaving the carpet cleaning until you can see the dirt causes this process to accelerate and drastically shortens the life of your carpet, meaning you will need to replace it years and years sooner than it needs to be. Replacing carpets is not a cheap exercise.

Let’s not forget the health benefits too. Cleaning your carpet massively helps to reduce the allergens and microbes that lurk in our textile furniture and the air we breathe which cause illness and allergies. Long term you will save on medications and days of working ill.

So if your carpet has seen better days, don’t you think it is about time you booked a professional today?

If we can help, call one of our WOW team now on 1300 072 244. You can rest assured all our textile cleaning specialists are IICRC accredited and trained. So you have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands.