A lot of pet owners shy away from the idea of a carpeted home because of the damage their beloved pet could do.  But if you know how to choose the right kind, you don’t have to say goodbye to carpets forever.


Here’s what a responsible pet owner needs to look for when shopping for carpets:

The right type of fibre

Look for a carpet that’s durable and resists stains.  The best type of carpet fibre for houses with pets is nylon because of its low cost, durability and ability to resist stains.  If you’re looking for a more affordable carpet, you can also opt for olefin or polyester but these are not as sturdy as nylon.  Avoid luxury carpets or rugs as they will be difficult to clean pet stains from and will be expensive to replace or repair.

Colour and theme

Occasionally, accidents do occur and you can end up with a mess on your carpet.  But this will be less of a problem if you choose a carpet with a colour scheme and pattern which can camouflage the stains until you can treat them.  Pets also tend to shed so if you don’t want these showing on your carpet, you can pick patterns that look similar to your pet’s hair or fur and can obscure the shedding.

The right kind of pile

Carpet pile can be divided into two basic types:  cut and looped.  In a home with children and pets, cut pile carpets are preferred.  Paws, claws and little fingers can get caught in looped piles and the carpet pile might be pulled out, torn or unravelled.

Carpet backing

Carpet backing can help prevent stains from soaking through the entire carpet and on to the floor.  Especially in the case of pet stains, your best choice would be gel and waterproof backing.  You can also give the carpet additional protection by installing carpet padding underneath.

With these tips, pet owners can select the best carpet for their home.  To keep the carpet looking new and make it last longer, it’s important to also know and follow carpet care basics like vacuuming the carpet regularly and treating stains immediately.  Lastly, carpet manufacturers recommend a deep clean by reliable carpet cleaning professionals at least once a year and sooner if you have stubborn stains or if your carpet becomes smelly.