A lot of people take time choosing their upholstery.  This is understandable as we all need furniture that is functional and at the same time complements our style.  Our needs also vary depending on our lifestyle.  Furthermore, we want to get upholstery that matches the rest of our furniture and décor.

So if you need help deciding on your ideal upholstery fabric, here are the different types:



Resistant to fading, wrinkling and staining Not very durable or absorbent



Durable, absorbent, resistant to fading, cleans easily Stains and wrinkles easily, can catch fire quickly



Durable, resistant to wear and tear, looks elegant Difficult to maintain and clean, less resistant to fading, quite expensive



Soft feel, cleans and maintains easily if spots are cleaned immediately, durable Shows water marks, attracts hairs and dust which are difficult to remove



Durable, resistant to staining and wrinkling Less soft, not very absorbent, tends to fade



Easy to clean, resistant to fading, durable Stains easily, tends to wrinkle and shrink



Soft feel, absorbent, durable, resistant to fading, affordable price Stains and wrinkles easily, can catch fire quickly



Elegant, durable Shows watermarks, needs special cleaning, expensive



Easy to clean and maintain, elegant but affordable Durability depends on quality, may not feel very comfortable



Extremely durable, resistant to wrinkling Expensive, difficult to clean, attracts dust and dirt which are tough to remove

If you have children and pets, your best choice would be micro-fibre, rayon or nylon.  For households with just adults, you can pamper yourselves and opt for more elegant fabrics like leather and wool.  For those on a tight budget, rayon, vinyl and nylon are more recommended.

Whichever upholstery you finally select, proper care and cleaning will make it last longer.  Keep it out of direct sunlight and don’t hesitate to get professional help if it needs stain treatment, and you and your family can enjoy its comfort for years.