Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

Curtain Cleaning Brisbane – Cleaned Onsite.

Curtain cleaning is essential for the health of your home environment.

Curtains are like the lungs of your home, if you will. The become a filter of dirt and dust from the outside elements trying to make their way inside. Over time this dirt and dust builds up and the drapes become thick with dust. That is when drape cleaning comes into play.

We will organise one of our drape cleaning specialists to visit your home to measure, quote and clean your curtains. This will ensure that by cleaning your drapes.  They will regain their former glory with our first-rate cleaning methods.

You can be assured that our special detergents are the best, potent but without harsh odours.

Our curtain cleaning process involves:

  1. Initial pre-inspection.
  2. Curtains are brushed down to loosen the dirt, dust and insect pods.
  3. Detergent spraying.
  4. Use of micro-fire mitts.
  5. Post-spot treatment.
  6. Application of deodoriser and sanitiser / anti-allergen.
  7. Post-inspection.

Your curtains are cleaned where they hang, without needing to take them down. After which, you once more have fresh, stylish, lovely curtains.

Should they need to be taken away, you specialist will advise this upon inspection. On the odd occasion a better result may be had off site our our rug and drape cleaning factory.

our friendly team are waiting to take your call. They are happy to answer any questions yu have regarding this service. So be sure to call our team now to book in your onsite curtain cleaning service – 1300 366 512.

Benefits of Curtain Cleaning:

  1. Drastically minimises Dust Mites
  2. Looks cleaner
  3. Reduces risks associated with asthma and allergic reactions
  4. Improves Health
  5. Improves Hygiene
  6. Leaves your home smelling as fresh as a daisy

Curtain Cleaning