Some owners or tenants try repairing their carpet on their own.  However, this may exacerbate the problem and lead to disastrous results.  Carpet repair is best done by professionals to avoid harming the carpet further and prevent wasting carpet material.  These experts are skilled, knowledgeable on the right techniques and have all the necessary equipment.

Reasons to Consider Carpet Repair:

  1. Permanent stains. Most spots and minor stains can be removed by carpet steam cleaning.  Difficult stains can also be remedied with stain treatment.  Some stains, however, have already settled permanently into the carpet fibres.
  2. Cigarette ash and other embers that spilled onto your carpet can also cause carpet burns or holes in your carpet.
  3. Carpets that are torn or frayed from accidents and wear and tear will also need to be repaired.
  4. When the carpet has wrinkled or rippled, this can become a safety hazard as people can trip or stumble over the affected area.  Ripples usually occur either from foot traffic after long usage and wear or from heavy furniture being moved.

Carpet Repair

Patching is the best option for permanent stains, burns and tears.  Rippling problems in the carpet, meanwhile, will need re-stretching.


This process requires removing the damaged area from the carpet and replacing it with excess carpet material.  Patching is done when the damage only occupies a small area.  When the damage extends to a major section of the carpet, professionals may recommend replacing the entire carpet instead.

For a patching job, a technician inspects the carpet first.  The damaged area is then measured and cut away.  Next, the new material will be measured and cut to fit the hole precisely.  Finally, the new patch is installed, secured into place and smoothed out.  When excess carpet material is not available, the material may be taken from an inconspicuous part of the carpet, usually from areas under large furniture.


Re-stretching refers to the carpet being pulled up, stretched tight and then re-installed.  Isolated cases of rippling can be corrected with re-stretching and steam carpet cleaning.  But when the carpet is damaged and the rippling covers a large area, the carpet will need to be replaced entirely.

For a re-stretching job, the technicians will pull up the ends of the carpet.  They then stretch the carpet taut with a power stretcher and cut away the excess material.  Finally, the carpet is secured back into place and smoothed out.

The next time you encounter permanent stains, burns, tears or ripples in your carpet, check this guide on what service you need.  Make sure to call professional carpet repair technicians to restore your carpet.