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Mattress Cleaning Brisbane – Are you sleeping with the enemy?

If you are waking up feeling stuffy and tired then you need to make mattress cleaning a priority.

So often we get our carpet and upholstery cleaned however we quite often forget our mattresses. Over the years our mattresses build up, harbour and accumulate dead skin cells, allergen’s, dirt and dust therefore triggering allergy sufferers.

Now the biggest culprit of allergies live with in your mattress. These culprits are called DUST MITES.

Did you know that Dust Mites are part of the Arachnid Family? In other words, the SPIDER family.

OTHER FACTS you may not know or want to know…

  1. 10% of the weight of a 2 year old pillow is made up of dust mites (alive and dead) and their poo.
  2. Dust mites are in the air we breathe and are found in extremely high numbers in bedding and upholstery.
  3. People that are allergic to Dust Mites are actually allergic to their POO.

The easiest way for you to reduce these allergens for  the allergy sufferer in your home is to have your mattress cleaned regualary

This is the ideal method for mattress cleaning is stem cleaning or hot water extraction so how do we do that? First we spray mild detergent on to the surface of the mattress. Then water is then injected briefly into the surface of the mattress (approx 1cm) at about 150psi.

This clean water is immediately extracted back out rinsing the detergents leaving the surface of your mattress, clean of sticky residue.

The  extracting process not only extracts the water but also the dust mites (dead and alive) along with their copious amounts of poo.

It is important that your mattresses are steam cleaned for this reason as dry cleaning simply pushes the dust mites and their feaces around the mattress, leaving the majority of it all behind. The solvents used during the dry cleaning process is not fully extracted. Leaving sticky residue behind, leading to re-soiling quickly after the clean.

4 Reason to have your Mattress Cleaning done by Steam Cleaning

  1. All detergents are rinsed out during the process of extraction to leave your mattress clean
  2. Dust Mites and their poo is EXTRACTED OUT of the mattress
  3. Mattress will be dry in approx 8 hours (turning the aircon on can massively decrease the drying time.
  4. Hot water extraction CAN be used on blood or urine spills. A professional IICRC stain specialist will be equipped with protein spotter to combat both and then extract the blood and urine OUT of the mattress. leaving it CLEAN and HYGENIC

Do you wish to have your mattress cleaning done by a IICRC certified STEAM Cleaning professional today? Our friendly knowledgeable team are awaiting your call to. They are more than happy to book in your mattress cleaning – 1300 366 512.

  • Drastically minimises Dust Mites
  • Better Nights Sleep
  • Reduces risks associated with asthma and allergic reactions
  • Huge Health Benefits
  • Extends the life of the mattress – reducing long term costs
  • Sanitises and Eliminates odours

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