You’ve put it off long enough; it’s time to clean your carpet.  However, you’ve heard stories about how commercial cleaning products can harm the environment, not to mention, affect the health of your family.  So you’ve decided to go green when it comes to cleaning your home.

Now the question is how do you do this?  No worries, cleaning your carpets naturally can be easy with the right knowledge and products.



The number one tip to cleaning your carpet effectively is to vacuum it often.  This removes not just soil and dust, but also any pests that may be hiding in your carpet’s fibres.  Be sure to cover all areas including the corners and under furniture.

Stain Removal

Stains are always easier to take out when they’re new.  Attend to stains the soonest you can.  If you were still left with some stubborn stains, here’s a tip.  Make a mixture of equal parts salt, borax and vinegar.  Dab this onto the stains, let it dry for at least an hour, and then vacuum.

Steam Clean

The best method for cleaning carpets is steam cleaning.  Before you start, make sure to move the furniture away.  Extremely hot water is sprayed on to the carpet to loosen any particles stuck to the fibres.  Then the solution together with the dirt and grime is extracted at a very high pressure.  For this, a special appliance called a steam cleaning machine is necessary.  Get professionals to do this for you.

Air Dry

It’s important to get the carpets completely dry before you walk on them or move the furniture back.  Walking on the carpet while it’s still damp will get it soiled again.  Speed up the drying by aiming fans at the carpet and opening doors and windows.

Refresh your Carpet

For further pampering, you can give your carpet a fresh smell and feel.  Combine baking soda and several drops of your favourite essential oil.  Dust the carpet evenly with this mixture and give it a few minutes to settle.  This needs to be done on a dry day or else the baking soda will absorb moisture from the air.  Vacuum afterwards.

It’s an excellent idea to want a clean, green home and these tips will help you be more efficient.  Finally, trust only carpet cleaning professionals who use nothing but eco-friendly products.