Pest Control Brisbane

Proven Safe and Effective Pest Control Services in Brisbane

Bothersome pests in your home will no longer be a problem.  Our pest control and management service will exterminate them for you.  Whether you suddenly encounter the little nasties and need your home swept and disinfected, or you need a meticulous cleaning of your property because you’re moving out, we are the best people to treat your home.

The danger with neglecting to start treatment at the first sign of pests is that if you leave them too long, chances are, one pest will lead to another and you will end up with more than one type of pest invading your home.

Don’t wait for the infestation to get worse.  Let us deal with it.  We will conduct an investigation of your home to locate all possible sources of the infestation and then we apply the most effective treatments.  We also provide you with the best advice and suggestions to prevent and discourage pests from settling in your home.  The treatments we offer range from eliminating existing pests to preventative treatment.

Our promise to you for pest control

Our chemicals and solutions are potent and long lasting and since we take our responsibility to our environment seriously, our solutions are non-toxic.  They do not damage the environment and they’re safe for children and pets.

Our technicians are experienced in handling cockroaches, ants, spiders and silverfish.  We also take care of your problems with fleas, wasps, carpet beetles, and rodents.


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