All carpets encounter problems.  From minor concerns like snags to significant issues like burns, it’s understandable for carpet owners to worry in these situations, or even think that this may be the end of the line for their precious carpet. Fortunately, armed with the right knowledge, you can still undo the damage done to your carpet.

Carpet Problems

Solutions to Common Carpet Problems

  • Carpet looks crushed

This happens when constant foot traffic wears down the thickness of the carpet.  To avoid crushing, vacuum your carpet frequently.

  • Fluffs from the carpet or shedding

During a new carpet’s first year, loose fibres or fluffs tend to come off as a side-effect of the manufacturing process.  Not to worry though, this slight issue will eventually disappear after the first year.  In the meantime, vacuuming will help solve this problem.  Be sure to use a good quality vacuum cleaner.

  • Colours are fading

A carpet’s colours usually fade when it is continually exposed to direct sunlight.  For rooms with carpets, use drapes, curtains or blinds and close the window coverings during the hottest times of the day.

  • Carpet looks dirty, dull and soiled

Airborne soil can settle on your carpet and make it dirty.  Earth tracked in by people’s shoes also add to the dirt on your carpet.  Minimise the dirt on your carpet by regularly vacuuming your carpet and providing walk-off mats at your entry ways for people to wipe their shoes on.

  • Carpet has dents or depressed areas

The weight from your furniture can leave dents or depressed areas in your carpet.  Prevent dents by rearranging the furniture from time to time and use glides under the furniture’s legs when moving them.  You can also remove a dent by gently pulling the carpet fibres with your fingers, or by using a hair dryer on the depression while you work the carpet fibres back into their proper position.

  • Carpet shows sprouts

Sometimes, yarn tufts or sprouts will work themselves free from a carpet and stick out from the carpet’s surface.  Make the carpet even again by trimming off the tuft.  Do not ever pull them out.

  • Carpet has burn marks

If an accident should ever leave your carpet with burn marks, the best thing you can do is to clip off the tips of the scorched fibres.  But if the burn extends to a large area, get carpet repair professionals to patch the carpet.

  • Carpet has snags or pulled loops

When a sharp object pulls up a loose pile in the carpet, do not pull them out further or the problem will be worse.  To remedy snags or pulled loops, just use the same method for dealing with sprouts.  Make the carpet even again by trimming off the loop.

  • Pests have infested your carpet

Carpet beetles, fleas, and dust mites are drawn to carpets either as a food source, shelter or breeding ground.  Vacuum your carpet often to remove these pests and give your carpet a deep clean every 12 months, sooner if you have pet animals or kids.  If the pests have already overrun your carpet, get help from a pest control professional.

These solutions to the most common carpet problems will help you care for your carpet and maintain its quality.  Consistently look after your carpet and quickly deal with problems so that this particular investment can last your family a lifetime.