Stained Carpet Cleaning

Stained Carpet Cleaning

Stained Carpet Cleaning – The #1 Stain Specialists with a 98% success rate.

When it comes to stained carpet cleaning, there are many factors one needs to take into account, before assessing the likely hood of successful stain removal. The best way to ensure this, is swift action by calling a specialist in stained carpet cleaning.

Factors that play a part are in the success of stain removal:

  1. What caused the stain.
  2. What type of fibre the carpet is.
  3. How long the stain has been there for.
  4. What products you have used on the stain already.
  5. What you have  done to the stain (blotted or rubbed).

For example a brightly coloured floor rug is made of acrylic. The carpet manufacturers use acrylic as it holds on to colour, allowing for beautifully brightly coloured rugs. Unfortunately when your little munchkin decides to do a pretty artwork on them with their texta’s, the acrylic also holds onto the colour from their texta’s. Making it more difficult for successful stain removal. However, that’s not to say that stained carpet cleaning would not be successful in this instance.

Every one of our stained carpet cleaning specialists are IICRC certified in stain and odour removal techniques.

In the instance that you can not contact anyone to help you with stained carpet cleaning. The best thing you can do is grab a white cloth or towel. Push down on the stain and BLOTT. DO NOT rub as this could cause damage to the carpet fibres and assist the carpet to soak in more of the stain. then cover with a slightly damp white cloth and place an old yellow pages over it. You know? the one still wrapped in plastic, that you use for a door stop.

So if your carpets are stained. Simply call your team. They will provide you with all the information you need. for the best possible chance for Stained Carpet Cleaning – Call Us Now 1300 366 512.

  • Higher success rate of removal
  • Ensures it is hygienically clean
  • More appeasing to the eye
  • Helps reduce damaged caused by acidity or colour in some stains

Stained Carpet Cleaning